The 100 Day Reality Challenge


I am looking forward to starting the 100 day challenge tomorrow. I have been thinking about what i really want to have happen over the last few days, looking for clarity, and while my big goals are clear to me, the small immediate ones are not. Maybe they are the same thing and I should stop thinking of them as big and far away.

So far I have

1. step outside of my comfort zone daily ( I already did this the last few days and it feels great)
2. go on some dates! and just be more social generally, make new friends.
3. be open to new and exciting lucrative opportunties comming my way.
4. Exercise my creativity daily.

Now that I have written those things I am really excited about it all!! I know I am going to do them and I know the universe is excited too that I am ready and open to all the new possibilities I have been visualizing.


Thank you to the 100 day challengers, I am so greatful to this group and I have been following it all on youtube for some time, and I feel so blessed to have it as a daily uplift. You are all so wonderful.

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