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Almost half way through my first season. This really does go by quickly. Today was another really great day. Even though it's starting to get chilly now, I guess getting ready for fall, I took the kids out to play. This was a windy windy day :) We went to the park and played pirates with the neighborhood kids and then when it was lunch time we went to Kites over Callingwood. Its a little event where quite a few people show up and fly their kites, theres entertainment, food and of course those jumpers for kids to play in. It was so windy that when I sat down with our hot dogs I was giving Jason a bite and the wind blew the other hotdog at me and it stuck with all of its mustardy goodness to the back of my coat. Who has that happen. I laughed pretty hard at that one. Not so much at the event but the peoples reactions that saw it happen. Most pretended not to notice, some had the horrified she's been attacked by the awful hotdog monster, Stephen was mad that we had one less hot dog. No matter what was smeared all over my jacket I was not taking it off, it was toooo cold. Oh the adventures of Melissa :)

Today I feel genuinely thankful for today. For just being able to live the day. To hug my boys. To battle the hotdog. To meet new people and most of all to experience all of the love that I have been blessed to have. I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend and to be thankful that we all had today. I'm so happy to have met alot of you and I hope to meet a lot more. This whole group has been such a blessing for me. Thank you all. Even to the person who is reading this that may never write. I hope that all your goals are met and that everyone gets to enjoy what we are given.

Good night everyone
Ciao :)

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