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Create The Life You Want All You Need To Get There Is To Know Where You Are Going

Create The Life You Want
All You Need To Get There Is To Know Where You Are Going

By Jay North

When Life gets just all too confusing and you just can’t seem to get a grip on it:
Stop Everything!
Occasionally all one needs to do is just stop, look around and find out where one is, then make a plan for where it is you think or believe it is you want to be, do and have.
Stopping does two things: one, it gives you the opportunity to relax and just listen. Often when we are at our quietest state is when answers tend to come easily, without force, worry or concentration. Two, stopping allows creativity to flow. When we are so busy thinking, fretting about and praying for a change, we are too busy to just allow creative freedom to flow. Just stop, breathe, relax and listen.

Find a Rock
Once several years ago while living on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in northwest Montana under the tutelage of Leonard J. Mountain Chief, I had many worries and concerns going on in my life, and everything just seemed so overwhelming. Leonard took notice of my despondency and suggested an old Indian practice. “When the people find there is just so much going on in their minds that they feel lost and confused, they go find a rock”.
The practice is simple; find a rock and focus all of your attention on the rock for as along a period as you can. If you find your mind overly active or just can’t seem to quiet down, allow the experience and return to focusing on the rock. Staying focused for as long as you are comfortable is the way it works best, as long as you are comfortable. Could take minutes, hours, days or weeks, and one always knows when one FEELS complete. Allowing the experience means to just get as comfortable as one possibly can and experience, experience exactly what is going on in the moment and ALLOW yourself the experience. It eases concentration on the rock, trust me on this one, please. Just allow and concentrate.

When we are able to stop, get located or find out where we really are, we can then proceed to a process of our own choosing or with the assistance of a trained facilitator in life planning and undertake our life’s (re) organization.

In a Perfect World

It starts with visualization and belief
Start here: in a perfect world I would have, do and be. Creating a plan for our life does happen to require a bit of work: real life actions. There are several components to consider. Whether creating a plan for work, money, life or love the essentials remain the same: having a specific purpose, goals and a map. The components are actually many and are to be accessed in a uniform order; they could and should be flowed to the T.*
What you visualize in your life and believe, you will achieve. In a perfect world, what would you want to achieve?

Where is it you want to be, what do you want to be (i.e. beingness or identity); what do you want to have and what do you plan to do to get it? In a perfect world, consider what would you have, do or be, visualize it; believe it and you will achieve it.

It’s interesting to note that within the definitions of the words ‘have’, ‘do’ and ‘be’, the common denominator is ‘create’. What are you willing to create to possess, create yourself to be, and what product or service in life do you choose to create? Creation is the key ingredient, no doubt. This means taking responsibility for our lives, something not easy to experience for some homosapiens. So, more exactly, in a perfect world what are you willing to create?

If you have a good picture (visualization) in your mind of exactly where you want to be and exactly what you’re true desires are, and you believe in them, you are half way home: “all you need to get there is to know where you are going”. But, get it out of your mind and on paper; you are going to need a map, a drawing and a written plan that you plan on sticking to for whatever duration of time you have allowed yourself to reach your goals, hopes and dreams. Creation in the mind alone tends to be a confusing picture. On paper it becomes more solid, less confusing and real.

What do you desire, require or request?
The subjects are vast the choices are many. Whether it be a successful career, home and family, saving the planet form nuclear destruction or running for public office, the basic principles remain the same and constant. That is as close to an absolute as one can find! After you become completely quiet and come out to look, ask: What do I desire, require and request in my life? Deep in the center of my heart, what I do really need and want? What is the greatest good for the greatest number? Service could be a key.

Start by looking and being honest

Life organization planning requires one to be totally honest with oneself, determined and persistent in achieving the THINGS we believe are important in our lives. For example, abundance, peace in our homes and country, a successful career, marriage and family, clean air, pure water or whatever it is you truly want. It requires courage to look and to act. It requires confidence in one’s choices and specialized ability or training to reach specific targets and goals. Start with stopping: stop everything you are doing and/or thinking you should be doing, even for just a very short period of time. You will come to a realization, I promise. Then you can begin the journey of visualization and creating the life you want, but only after you have become quiet and know.

Here’s a valuable tool: once you know what it is you truly want, write a plan based on what you really, really want. Write it in the past tense, write every paragraph as though whatever it is you want has already come into being or has already happened, and then give thanks to the Universe for supplying it. Gratitude goes a long way with regard to getting what we want.

The way this works is that you postulate yourself or the it into existence. By writing in the past tense you are deciding that the thing has already taken shape and form in the here and now and that on the basis of metaphysical principles it has no other choice than to respond in kind. Acknowledgement is the key deciding factor in the creation of the thing itself--hence gratitude.

Another important factor for aspirants to keep in mind; is time line and dates. Assign an exact date (also called a target) as to when you expect things to happen. Never leave a decision or a conclusion just dangling out in the Universe “waiting to happen”.
While we’re at it, whatever your thing is, and if you desire support from the Universe and the people in it: one, never stop communicating about it, and two, use this law: Outflow Equals Inflow. The Universe will always reply with an inflow of comparable magnitude to whatever you outflow. Recall the Buddhist principle, of cause and effect: it’s a principle that one could live by one’s entire life. The degree to which one generates outflow is the degree to which one will receive inflow, and your personal power in life depends on your willingness and ability to generate outflow.

It’s your life, All You need to Get There is Know Where You Are Going

Look at it this way: this is your life, why not make it the one you want?

Go out into nature, find a rock, be quiet and listen. It will come.

Know (visualize) what you want, make a plan, but be flexible.

I wish you the very best journey, and along the way, in the words of Leonard J. Mountain Chief, “Never stop smiling”. Make the journey fun, because “if it’s not fun, I’m not going”.

Peace, Jay North

* T = Triumph Plan. If you write to me I will send you a formula that I have devised for reaching your wildest dreams. You can reach me at I have reached my dreams several times in my life and have helped hundreds apply this process. I know you can do it, it’s easy. All you need to get there is to know where you are going.

Jay North writer, organic gardener is a Life Planning expert and works in the healing arts profession. Among many of Jay’s books are “The Gift of Touch” and “Open Spaces: My Life with Leonard J. Mountain Chief,” both available on his website

Released for free publication,

Jay North 2005

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