The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Days 85- 88 of100, Season 2 - Dazed

Hi Friends, I haven't blogged over the last few days because I've been feeling pretty negative and can't seem to step out of my funk. I still feel pretty low so I'll keep it brief. Here is an overview of my last few days:

On Thursday, "he" called me at work and we had a brief chat about the previous night meeting his parents. He was kind enough to remind me that meeting his parents didn't solidify our relationship in any way. That rubbed me the wrong way and I reminded him that he needed to remove that girl he met for a drink the previous week from his contact lists online and on the phone, as he told me he would. He got all mad at me even though he agreed to it on Sunday. That irked me more and we ended up arguing our points. Then in the afternoon I asked him if he wanted to discuss it anymore and he claimed to be busy in a meeting so I told him to reach out when he was free. He never did.

On Friday I spent my day meeting manufacturers locally, which was both good an dbad since I didn't make as much progress as I wanted to but met a couple of them that were interested. In the evening, I met up with a friend for a drink and we went to dinner and a bar briefly for a while too. It was fun and she treated me to everything since I am a potential client and we discussed business as well. I got a little annoyed at the bar since some ignorant middle-aged guy made a racist remark to me, although I think he was too ignorant to recognize how racist it was.

I left to go home early Saturday morning and had a pleasant drive. My sister and I did some shopping and I held a focus group after that which my sister also organized for me. I got annoyed later because her neighbour tried to take her kids over to his house to play with them as they go every night but I've asked they spend tme with me when I am in town since I don't get to see them as often. The neighbours are aware of this and don't respect my wishes and even though they are really nice people (they even gave me an extra electric toothbrush they got from somewhere), I get irritted and find them too intrusive when they do that, since spending time with my niece and nephew is extremely importatnt to me. My sister got under my skin a little too because she kept making snarky comments about how I'm apparently "opinionated" and indicating I had issues.

Today, I played with my niece and nephew, spent some time with my parents and then we all had a lovely picnic in the park before I headed back home. The drive home wasn't too bad either, and I managed to squeeze in a couple of phone calls and TV shows after I got back and got some work done.

Things I'm Grateful For:
I am grateful for all the free things I received this weekend (food, drink, toothbrush)
I am grateful for my car and the safe drive I had this weekend
I am grateful for my beautiful niece and nephew who are pure love and joy
I am grateful for good friends
I am grateful for a family that cares and loves me unconditionally

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Comment by Zara on September 15, 2008 at 3:40pm
Hi PJ, sorry to hear you have been feeling negative. I think when we're feeling negative we notice the negatives in others too. I get really annoyed when I hear racist remarks too and I still need to find a better way of dealing with it.
I think its great how close you are to your niece and nephew, they are very lucky to have such a wonderful Aunt who loves and cares about them so much:)

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