The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 27 series 3 A day of reflection

Its Sunday morning after a pretty socially full on weekend so far. Friday night we headed to Lygon St Melbourne. Lygon St is a pretty amazing restaurant district, full of Italian restaurants which all compete against each other to get your business. Amazing stuff when you walk up and they corner you and say.oh eat here and I will give you 1 bottles of wine and garlic bread, then when you look as if you are going to keep walking they offer you 2 bottles garlic bread and entre. We were taking a Londoner out for business and he was totally astounded by the whole street cafe atmosphere. We got home at 2am.
Yesterday Melinda 11 year old, sat an exam to see if she could get a scholarship at one of the elite private schools. My last word to her as she walked in was, Mum and Dad love you no matter what.. I realise that I always felt my parent's love was conditional and that 98% in any exam just wasnt good enough because it wasnt 100%. As I left, my local doctor whose son was also doing the exam said to certainly have broken that family chain as we have had lots of conversations about my family history and he had heard what I said to her. At that I felt pretty damned good.
Last night e went to a friends 10th (40th) birthday - a 29th of February baby. I got him two cards and two presents. He laughed and laughed at getting a car set and a buzz lightyear birthday card.
This morning, we are heading off to my friend's fundraiser. Gee I hope they make a lot of money to help her family.
This whole weekend I have been feeling very grateful for everything that I have and everything that is possible here. Friday night I was feeling really grateful for the country that I live in and the ability to be very open to meeting people. Saturday, I was feeling really grateful that my kids feel totally loved unconditionally. I felt grateful for how Stephanie is being accepted by society and that we are respected for what work we do with her. I felt grateful for finding bargains to do up our house. I felt grateful for great friendships. I felt grateful for a husband who picks up the pieces when I fall apart, for helping with housework and care for the kids and the love of course.

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