The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 18/S2: Two more feathers in my pocket

Yesterday I was walking, thinking about how, since I'd consciously been on the path of the feather, I'd found feathers daily (Friday and Saturday) but not on Sunday. "Where is my feather?" And I looked down and THERE it was, small, white and grey. Today I found an almost identical one. Isn't it funny.. I could have found three feathers one day and none for several days but instead I find a single one almost every day.. I thank the animal spirits and the Universe for sending me gentle reminders that as I honor nature, nature affirms and honors my life in return.

I am reading Michael Roads' Journey into Oneness. In it, he speaks of our need to not SAVE nature, as that is a paradigm of fear, but to HONOR nature. And that is what I am trying to do. When next I do a video, I will read a couple snippets from his book that especially spoke to me.

I am finding I am on a new path, which began with the shamanistic journey I took a couple weekends ago, brought me back to the path of the feather and reminds me of my commitment earlier this year to the Avalon Mystery School -- the course in Sacred Magic, also know as the way of Morgen. I have two month-long lessons to undertake but now I am also undertaking the self-initiated curriculum of The 3rd Road, which is Celtic shamanism, also considered faerie shamanism, and a Goddess path. I feel I should concentrate fully on one -- not try to do both (they are both goddess paths of sacred magic closely aligned with Faerie). I am currently more drawn to The 3rd Road, while I have this material of Avalon to work with. I plan on embarking on the Avalon path at the new moon, and see how the month goes. If it feels right, I will go on to the next lesson on the following New Moon, otherwise I will start the first month of the year-long 3rd Road.

This dalliance with the shiny new spiritual paths has taken my focus off getting my house cleaned, but I do need to continue that focus. Still working on the bedroom! It is such a boon to all other things, and ENJOYING my downtime when the house is clean! Trying to remember this. :) This and... one day at a time.

Swan Feather
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Comment by Bean on September 23, 2008 at 7:23pm
Thanks for your blog today. I love the part about honoring nature. Good luck with your studies. The feathers are wonderful signs you are on the right path. WAY TO GO (and good luck with the house work!)!!

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