The 100 Day Reality Challenge

4th day of challenge! good morning! i feel great! today i will catch up on some things around the house since i do not have to work outside the home today. i will study some for up coming kinesiology test. i go to school every evening except weekends from 5-10 so i am missing my daughter alot, but, she is spending a little more time with her dad so this is good. within the last few months i have quit going to church. i started to feel that i needed to seek God on my own away from the church scene. i wont say that i will never go back but for now this feels right for me. ok, it feels a little strange right now to open up about my life on here but maybe little by little i will, maybe. so far i have 3 new friends on here and hope to make many more! have a FANTASTIC day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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