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season2 D14.... the universe is in my face!

My experiences this past week have been intense. A big mix of emotions, all with a positive underline. Its difficult for me to put all my thoughts into writing, since they are all over the place. Ok, on sunday my boyfriend got hit by a car walking across the street on his way to work. He is fine, and I am so grateful! The end result is a broken left arm, a couple broken ribs, and a bit of a bruised ego. I continue to give thanks that the incident was what it was.. He was very lucky, and the people that hit him were very helpful, and compassionate in the ordeal. I am so grateful for their response in the situation as well. Thank you for his healing. I repeat that to the universe many times through out my day.

Yesterday was my birthday, and my day was wonderful. Mellow and full of laughter, and fun and good company. It was a great way for me to celebrate the anniversary of my physical being. I am so grateful for everything I am and have at this point in my physical life. I also want to start this year with a healthier approach, so I decided to do my own version of the gentle cleanse that Maya Z has started and shared with the rest of us. I am aware and grateful for everything I ingest. I have decided to only eat organic and non processed foods, which I pretty much do already, but sometimes I slip and eat whats available. Also I am cutting out beer. And I love good beer. I don't drink often, but I do enjoy the nice cold beer after a long day at work, or socially with friends. I know the beer isn't kind to the waistline or liver.

I'm still working on my vision video for this season, Its been tough to figure what I really want since I already have everything I need. So far.....

Anyway I love you all! Peace and Love!

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