The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 22/S2: Intentions and did I live up to them?

This morning I set the following daily intentions. This is my check-in.

I intend to have a FUN, happy, magical day.

Oh my. It was a dreary, rainy day and I worked so hard I forgot to have FUN.

I intend to have a very productive space clearing today.

I did have a productive day. Not as productive as stated in my intentions, but much more productive than I would have been had I not stated any intentions to begin with!

I intend to finish working on the bedroom.

I am so close to getting this finished! The closet is DONE, I just need to take the air conditioner out of the window and go through the linens. That's IT!

I intend to clear the sink once and for all!

Almost! I just have a few glasses to wash and then I can shine it! YAY!

I intend to feel and think wonderful thoughts about ME!

I don't really know what my thoughts WERE today. I wasn't mindful of them. Must make a mental note of that for tomorrow. So, intention useful!

I intend to DANCE!

Oopsy! I didn't do this! But I can still do a little abbreviated boogie before bed. I think some Shakira is in order.

I intend to set up my priestess training curriculum for the next two months.

Yes! I actually did 3-4 months worth.. although I realize some stuff will probably need to be shifted and I am okay with that. I have the basic structure in place and I start Lesson One of my Avalon Mystery School training on Monday, and this coming week I work with the goddess Inanna.

I intend to shop for an oracle or tarot deck.

And I did! I found one that really resonated with me. Naturally, it was the most expensive one! It was a toss up between one that was based on Faeries BUT the art was Alphonse Mucha style.. the one I settled on was far more realistic and that's what I like about it: the Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck.

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