The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Had a great weekend spending time with my wife and kids. I am so blessed to have them. Fantastic kids, great wife. Played some basketball with my younger daughter out in the driveway(she's going to try out for her middle school team).
My oldest daughter was actually gone most of the weekend playing in a volleyball tournament for her high school team.
I am so blessed.
I'm going to name 5 things I am grateful for:
My family
Good running vehicles
Our house
Great Friends
Our loyal dog Mimi

Watched a little football. Found some more pics for my vision board and am trying to print them out.

I started a journal on my computer last night. I think that works better for me than writing it down. It'll be stored on a floppy disk for safe keeping. The way I started it is like a future me the way I envision myself. I'm wondering if I should have a second journal that chronicles my actual daily life as it is now.

Over that last few weeks I have submitted tons of job applications and resumes so I'm really expecting some responses pretty soon. I'm excited about the prospect of doing a great job for whoever hires me.

With the extra money rolling in, we'll be going to the movies more than we do now, which is never. A nice weekend trip to the coast will be nice. In general, more family outings.

I have been working out more now and am starting to feel really good.

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Comment by Vibe Williams on September 29, 2008 at 5:23pm
Great for you!! I have tried to get my hubby on the site but he is still hesitant..It is great to see you here..Look forward to learning about your journey..

Peace and Love..


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