The 100 Day Reality Challenge

First Season Preparation & First Manifestations

The last days have been so exciting. Even though I start my first season tomorrow, I already manifested some tiny little goodies. One of my smaller goals is to go from vegetarian to vegan, so I thought about searching Amazon for some nice vegan cookbooks next week. While visiting the local fleamarket on Sunday I found three vegan cookbooks in mint condition - for just four Euros! I also planned on going more into the forest with my fiancee, but I didn´t have the right walking shoes for such adventures. On Sunday I found a perfect brandnew pair of "Landrover" walking shoes in my size. Can´t wait to try them out in the field!

Yesterday I wrote my big and small wishes on scraps of paper and put them in a silver heart-shaped box on my inspiration table - it´s now my wish jar. Here I meditate daily in the morning fifteen minutes:

my meditation place

Today I also opened a blog on typepad - it is in German, even though it´s called "100 Happy Days" :-)
I just LOVE this 100 Days Challenge!

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Comment by Dusty on September 30, 2008 at 8:27pm
I know, Sandy. Isn't it exciting to be sharing ideas and bringing more lusciousness into the lives of others. There is certainly an abundance to go around.
Comment by Dusty on September 30, 2008 at 7:30pm

I love the sound of you 'wish jar' Malena. It sounds like a gorgeous idea. You have given me an idea to create a box with a big bow and name it Gifts from the Universe
Thank you.

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