The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Tomorrow is the new start of Season 6 for me

But I am posting today. I will be making videos as well, but I have decided that I will blog and post videos. Over the past few months, I have been just riding the wave of what my first few seasons of the 100 day challenges manifested. :) I love it, but I have been trying to place structure on WHAT I need to get into action now that the ball is rolling and the action plan has changed for my life.

At work, we moved buildings. So that just happened. I needed to get through that. I also have found out that they are renovating our apartments and jacking up the rent $400 - $600 a month. Ummmm. yeah. So we need to move.

I am also attending my ACP course with Charles Virtue in November and I know, I KNOW, that will change my life. I feel it. I KNOW IT. Back a couple seasons ago, I intended to attend Doreen Virtue's ATP course in Hawaii, as some of you may remember. But then in July, I decided against it. My job situation was up in the air and I knew that moving homes was likely as well that month. (Which is now true) So I had the photo on my visionboard, but decided against it.

Then last month, I attended her son, Charles Virtue's Mediumship Course, which I really, really enjoyed. It ended up being more of a validation for me than anything and I was able to really connect with new people. Well, what happened was I noticed that he was not really present on the internet and offered a barter to help him be so in exchange for taking his ACP course (which is very similar to his mothers, but has his flare to it, which I really appreciate as he is awesome) So thinking back on it, I basically manifested receiving my ATP/ACP certification for FREE. lol

I had fallen away from the challenge mostly because I have started living the LOA out of habit. Knowing that I attract what I think. But now I have some lofty goals between now and the end of the year and I know that I am a Power Manifestor, especially when I write it out. So here it goes:

1. I will find the perfect large 3 bedroom 2 bath or more apartment that is under $2,200 a month that is near my children’s schools, and manifest the money for the movers and deposit with ease.
2. I attract many new clients for myself and the others on and make it a sustainable passive income that bring information and Light to the world.
3. I have many, many new resources that help others on such as articles, art, blogs, and many other resources.
4. I attend my ACP and meet many new friends and co-creators for
5. It is easy for me to afford and attract the Christmas presents my children wish for.
6. I am completely Debt Free except for the one small student loan by January 2009
7. I am releasing the extra weight.
8. I am creating a Light-filled Podcast

That is just a start and I am sure that I will add more as the 100 days progress, but it is a start :)

Thanks for reading! I look forward to participating in this co-creation with you all once again! We rock!

Many Blessings
Lisa Beachy Lightworker

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Comment by Aleta on September 30, 2008 at 7:52pm
I am so glad so many of us are starting tomorrow. That is fabulous energy for all! I love, LOVE your goals and will enjoy watching you "Power Manifest", power uyp girl......whoooo, there she goes!

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