The 100 Day Reality Challenge

As the Clock strikes 12 (midnight) - Let day 1, season one BEGIN! :)

Hey All,

*YAY* - As of TODAY I'll be entering my first day of my first season in manifesting the greatest, happy and relaxed life that I know I'm capable of creating. - I'm totally excited, I have been ever since I made up my mind in taking part!

Started my new job yesterday (Tuesday), that was a really good day. :)
I'm not sure if it's because I'm starting the 100 day challenge or I was nervous about my new job, but last night/morning I couldn't sleep, (there was a few points of the night that I cant account for though LOL, but they didntt seem that long).

So anyway the only thing that was on my mind was this 100 day challenge whilst tossing and turning was: have I set enough goals, did I miss something, I hope I succeed at all things I've set out to achieve. Its almost like I'm putting unnessecry pressure on myself. And through out the whole of today I've had loads of tenison in my neck, now that could be to do with the lack of sleep and my first day on the job, plus I had to do loads of lifting that I'm not use to. But I will be correcting that. (BEND MY KNEES). And I WILL be rid of the tension in my neck!

I WILL DO my best because pressure isn't welcome in my world. I have been doing a few of the practices that are listed on here (b4 starting the challenge), so I know I'm already on the right track I can already feel/tell a difference!

Today as I have a day off (yeah I know already right...LOL) I'm going to tidy up my flat from the fridge to my bed room. Be rid of alot of stuff. And I'm saying it here, to make myself accountable so whoever reads this is allowed to hold me to that. LOL Plus I'm gonna start as I mean to go on.

Although I really want to complete all thats on my intentions list, I really want to relax and want to learn how to concentrate, I've be practicing meditation but I find that my mind wonders alot even when I try to concentrate, so I don't never get into that peaceful state. (So if anyone reading has any suggestions please help me out :]).

I almost want a nonchalant attitude to most things.

I wanna give a special shout out to Vibe and Lilou who where the two people that through searching around on YouTube and watching all different videos to do with positive and the LOA, introduced me to this site. So ThankYou you guys! :) :) xx

Anyway, thats all from me today, I just want to wish everyone that is also starting today the best of success with manifesting what it is your heart desires. And those that are still on your journey, best wishes to you too.

Much luv.

Kay :) x

AFFIRMATION FOR THE DAY: Today I will learn to relax, my mind and body.

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Comment by Cherie on October 3, 2008 at 8:24pm
Wonderful Intentions and goals Kay. Congrats on the new job. =) I understand the nervous feeling and lack of sleep completely. But I think you can take this nervous energy and shift it towards your intentions and doing things that make you happy. About meditating, I find that my mind also wonders. Something I've found that helps at first is counting my breaths. I read this in a book by Sonia Choquette. Count to 4 for breath in, pause for 4, and exhale for 4. Repeat until you feel a calmness. That really works for me. I'm sure others will have other suggestions and you may be able to find some elsewhere on the internet. *hugs*
Comment by jenny ho on September 30, 2008 at 7:31pm
couldn't sleep too as i wanted to begin my 100 day challenge. all the best as you set out to clear your place. do it in small parts which are easier to handle and remember to celebrate after that.

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