The 100 Day Reality Challenge

S1 Day 34....Blessings in disguise.

Last night turned out to be a great night at work and 1 LEFT!!! Wohoo! I am really looking forward to moving on. I also got handed a blessing today. As I've been trying to wrap things projects, last day in ER, decreasing hrs with NTC, and then preparing for a new job. My boss called today and "let me go" from my casual position. I LOVE working for NTC, they are an amazing group of nurses, but I was feeling a bit stressed of how I was going to manage a full time job, plus 2 casual positions and trying to continue with my degree (not to mention trying to concieve;) wonder nothings happening). This will really let me truly focus on my new job, I can put off the ER for a while and just go back enough to keep my finger in and will focus after the new year on school.

I'm really looking forward to getting into a groove and settling down a bit. I'm feeling quite tired, ready for winter to nestle in and just quiet myself. I do also need to keep on a good exercise regimine as well to stay balanced. I'm going to be running my 8K in a few weeks and am wanting to make a PB. I really like the way I feel when I am "fit" and also eating really healthy.

I am going to lie down, can't stop yawning....Middle of the "night for me right now.

I know I'm going to have another wonderful night at work, enjoy my co-workers, and onto my next stage!

Light and laughter....all day long!

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Comment by jenny ho on September 30, 2008 at 7:27pm
good for you. sometimes we need to let go of certain things before we are ready to handle new things. all the best. stay organised.

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