The 100 Day Reality Challenge

dAY 65 "You're worrying about nothing."

Last night at 9:30 I called the online shoe company I needed to return 6 shoes that didn't fit me. It was a worried sort of call...

the FAQs on their website were confusing and I thought I had to pay for shipping to return my shoes. I also thought the deadline would have passed because it had been over 30 days. After the service agent assured me I could still return them with the postage paid label they gave she said, "you're worrying about nothing."

You're worrying about nothing.


those words were profound to me.

I was actually worrying about shoes, specifically. but shoes really are nothing, I mean, what do they really matter anyways? shoes...but what was that worried, tense, stressed feeling attracting into my life? The universe didn't know I was worrying about shoes...the feeling I was allowing was attracting even if it was shoes.

Few words can calm so easily, but I now have a little reminder I tell myself when I am worrying about insignificant are worrying about nothing.

Incidently, today I went through a month's worth of junk mail...most I just open, pull out the personal info for the shredder and toss the rest. I found an $82.50 refund check from an medical insurance claim I wasn't expecting them to honor. They denied it the last time. I have extra money all the time. :)

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