The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 4, October 1, 2008 , Tuesday evening /Wednesday

For my next 100 days I intend to pay attention to my health. I have quit my job at the Mental Health Association due to my physical condition. I have been advised to take care of myself and I intend to do what I have to. I loved the work I did with I'm Thumbody and Thumbody, Too and i will continue to volunteer as long as my back holds out. I am looking into alternatives to surgery for spondoyolytheses. What i want for the next 100 days is to envision our country getting back into positive energy and working together to create a more financially secure environment. I am envisioning my son Adam and his family working things out for themselves that they are creating more security in their lives as well.

I also intend to do more subsitituting in the schools to create more money in my bank accounts and to continue to be around little kids. I always feel energized when i am teaching. Love Gramma Shirah

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