The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hmm, I have really been thinking about this concept of thoughts becoming your reality, so I asked myself what is it that I think about, I realized I think about my life as it is, when I should focus more on my thoughts being what I want my life to be.

I believe if I put the effort into thinking more about how I see myself and my life in the depths of my mind, using my imagination to bring my thoughts into my new reality I will really start to manifest the life I desire, the life I dream about.

I know day to day worries, trials and tribulations are thoughts that I have also, however in order for me to live the life I desire, I must somehow let go of those old beliefs and concentrate on my new beliefs that I can have any and everything I ever thought I wanted and then some.

The universe is ready to give me what I ask for, I just have to be willing to believe truly and deeply that I do indeed deserve the life I dream about, and that nothing but me is holding me back, as I soul search and discover the sins of the past, be it through beliefs of my parents and upbringing, or failed relationships, patterns that I see myself repeating, or whatever, I now realized that until I release these old beliefs I will never become the person I desire to be.

So today I declare to myself and the universe that I am ready, willing, and able to accept all that the universe has in store for me,

Clearing Process
The more I outflow, the more space I create for good things to come to me. I love giving and I love receiving. As I clean up and clear out my physical space I am cleaning up and clearing out my life in every way. I am now putting my life in order, preparing to accept all the good that is coming to me now. I give thanks now for all the good that I have and all the good things to come.

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