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This is my second season and my goal is on the weight loss. I went to the doctor today for a 'well woman' and I've gained 11 pounds over the past year.AHHHHHHHHH....Yes, I"m discouraged. I would video blog but I can't find my camera. It is so discouraging because I really have tried. Without bringing everyone down, I'll just say this is not something that I wanted to happen. I am very grateful for so much in my life. I really am. I see the big picture. But, as I am human, I am also part of the smaller picture. And that smaller picture is that my goals are to meet my desired weight. See, I was really, really fat once. Not too awfully long ago. And I am so thankful for what I am now. I am thankful for the weight that I am now. But the fear involved in gaining is quite profound....Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ON the lighter side, all is going well. My birthday was yesterday and this whole weekend has been amazingly great. My husband took me out to a very upscale resturaunt last night. I loved it. I wore a great black, Audrey Hepbburn type strapless dress with a jean jacket and red patent leather pumps. I felt awesome. He spent quite a bit of money on that meal. We had an apetizer, a bottle of wine, and an entree. Not to mention the martini before dinner. I felt like a million bucks. And also the things that he said to me..."I'm happier than I've ever been, except for when we were first married." I truly love him. He's my soul mate. I have a great family and good health...sooooooooo....I'm aware of all the good. goal, as some can truly relate, is to lose weight.

That's it for now cocreators...take care, thanks for reading.

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Comment by Aleta on October 1, 2008 at 12:05am
OMG, & my brother have the same birthday...that's cool! I so "get" the feelings about weight...ev ery autumn it gets colder and I gain a little (it's a cocoa & garlic butter thang for me) anyway, I'm not spamming you...I wish I was...I mean, I wish this was a moneymaker for me, but alas, it ain't, BUT, go to the website on my vlog on how I lost 25lbs cause that stuff (self hypnosis) REALLY works! In fact after this scrumptous meal my family has been making, I'm going to start listening to the DVD's again. Other thing is, a lot of people in our hemisphere get a little downish this time of year and I am really jazzed that you had a fab dinner with your very rightly appreciating hubby! Many happy returns of that day and that kind of day!
Comment by Pamela on September 30, 2008 at 9:21pm
My son's birthday was yesterday also, sounds like your husband took you out and showed you a great time -- don't let the news of weight gain discourage, instead allow it to give you the courage to accomplish your weight loss goal --this way you will never be defeated

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