The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Once upon a time, there were thousands of you!

SHORT (did you believe me?) review of S1; Got everything & much more of what I focused on. What I gave my attention to blossomed, but unconcious fears grew. I think they knew I was ready to transform them, so they became more obvious after the season was over. I REALLY, TRULY think this is a gift. So often we are run by fears we don't see, so getting big old, buck naked in a flat field, fears...out in the open, was like a vacation! Transforming fears is very gratifying. I have done it for years with/for others! It's kind of like peeling the onion with no tears!

Now, here's a funny one; I got what I focused on, then realized it wasn't exactly a song only the tinyest bit off pitch.....after thinking I had screwed up (now there's a fear for you!) I realized how great it is to focus, create then spiral further into those details. It's exactly like being a cook, coming up with "the" recipe, taste testing...liking it, but, but, needs a little you think and contemplate and add a few spices.

So much is POV, point of view and a supreme need for gentle, gentle consistant (other and) self love. Thing is, it all comes down to point of view....why in the world would we be trained to torture ourselves with less than loving thoughts if the release of all that time and energy could create.... Ohhhh, oh, how about this (I'm jumping up and down, can you tell?) it's a little complicated, BUT, I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS FOR YEARS & YEARS,.....there are hundreds, maybe thousands of groups doing peace meditations and peace work on this planet. What kind of power and impact would they have if they ALL actually knew about each other and their numbers. If just 1/16th of the people on this planet who are focused on peace knew about each other, that would empower them all to take inspired action based on the confidence they would feel knowing how many are behind them/with them. Okay, here goes, what could WE do to connect them to each other...imagine the power of FINALLY knowing how many of us deeply, passionately or even a little bit love, want, are calling and manifesting peace.....hmmmmm. This is very general because real peace is very specific and complex. I'm not talking about politics. I am talking about the deepest core yearnings of an entire species. I'M TALKING ABOUT JOY AND ENORMOUS WAVES OF CREATIVITY. Huge numbers of people can, will and have decided on the shapes of history by focusing their hearts on..........we all fill in the blanks!

S2 begins Oct 1!

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Comment by Missy on October 1, 2008 at 1:16am
That would be so wonderful to join in numbers and hearts. What a blessing it would be to be among others whose message was peace, love and the value of each human.


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