The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 1 Day 4: Trying to Stay Focused, Think Good Thoughts, and Be Happy

Today is the fourth day of my challenge, and I am here to update you on my journey. I have been trying very hard today to think good thoughts and be happy. I do have my moments when a negative thought tries to pop into my head, but I work very hard at replacing it with good feelings.
Usually when I meditate, I do a general meditation to help me relax, but as of tomorrow I will also meditate with the purpose of focusing and getting clear on what I want to manifest in my life.
As I have mentioned on my page, I just recently graduated from college, and I have been looking for a job. On Thursday I have my first interview! I am so excited! I went out today and I bought an outfit just for Thursday!
Good night co-creators, and happy manifesting!

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