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Ok, I have been practicing the Law of Attraction for many years now and find that we still have our bumps in the road and things happen to us that seem completely contrary to our intentions. Such a thing happened today. A few weeks ago, I was in a serious car accident that blessedly left me and my daughter unharmed but totaled my car. I am now driving a new car thanks to insurance. The other driver ran a red light and plowed into us. It was clearly his fault. I was just thankful that my daugther and I walked away shaken but basically without a scratch. I love my new car and thank the Universe every day for it as well as for keeping us safe. Today, as I was driving my daughter to a doctors appointment, I changed lanes and found myself colliding with another car that seemed to appear out of nowhere. I had checked both mirrors and turned on my signal, but apparently he was driving in my blind spot. My perfect new 3 week old car now has a small scrape and dent in the side and the other car also has a small dent. Thankfully it was a minor accident. This time it was my "fault" since I was the one switching lanes.

I'd like to see everything in life as a blessing and/or a lesson of sorts but I am really struggling with this one. While I am creating prosperity and abundance on the one hand, its still only minimal, and just as I think I'm getting ahead, something like this happens. I will have to pay for the deductable on my insurance and for a ticket that the officer said was "standard" for "unsafe lane change" despite the fact that I did everything I was supposed to do when changing lanes.

In addition, my daughter missed her doctors appointment because the cop took an hour to get there. This was an appointment that was going to really help us with a long term medical issue she has been dealing with.

I'd love to hear any wisdom you folks might have on this. For now, I am affirming that everything will be taken care of smoothly and that I am prosperous and abundance is everywhere. Its still just a twinge hard not to yell, "ITS NOT FAIR!"

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