The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 1 Season 8 A very special day for me :-)

Hello Cocreators!

Today was the perfect day to introduce my newest project to the world. For the 1st time I am putting together a tele-class that shares everything I did to go from being a bartender, to the self-publishing Hall of Fame to New York Times Bestseller...all in a 6 week course called "The Children's Author Academy". I have been working for the last month to get all the background "stuff" in place and today we began sharing the web page with the world for the 1st time...a perfect day 1. Any time you do something like this it feels like you are in a way giving birth to something. So I am grateful that we did our soft-launch today on Day 1 of this powerful season.

One of my intentions for this season will be to fill this class up and share with other aspiring authors all they need to know to get their own children's books into the world. You can see what we've been working on at and by all means if you or someone you know has a great idea for a children's book I would love to have you on the calls!

btw...I also went for a great walk on the beach early this morning and took some time mid-day to meditate :-) I trust that everyone is feeling this global connection as we realize our Highest Visions!

Keep Shining!

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Comment by Kim on October 2, 2008 at 1:14pm
Way to go Christine!

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