The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Wow, today is the first day of my first season, I am so excited about the next 100 days.

I woke up this morning and it is a beautiful day, the weather is calm and slightly breezy, my grandkids spent the night and the 9 mth old is in bed with me and "PaPa" - I do my morning ritual of Hey pretty girl, smile, turn around, sashay, all that -- this gets me fired up for the day, singing in the shower the whole nine, Im ready.

All day my mind keeps repeating over and over "my thoughts become my reality", now this is what I am thinking, first, I think about what today is, its day 1 of my first season on the 100 day challenge, and that excites me, right away I start thinking about making my first video, (which I will have uploaded sometime today) I think about what I want to say on it, how it will look, can I figure out how to get it to work right, just all the thoughts of doing anything for the first time, you know the butterflies in your stomach, well today thats me.

As i start to calm down and gather my thoughts, I realize that i am definitely training myself to be more positive, it is so clear to me how much better i feel when my attitude is positive, no matter what is going on, and believe me, things are tight right now, but I have faith that we will weather this storm, because the rainbow is brighter on the other side, I always believe that and thus far my belief has never let me down. I have begun to really see that if it is to be its up to me. I am up for the challenge, because I know that whatever I have put my mind, heart and soul into in the past I have always gotten what I was striving for and then some, so now I know that my business is striving because I have the heart, soul and determination to win and see myself at the top. I win all the trips, I speak at all the conventions, people are constantly praising my team and our efforts.

Life is good, the universe is there for us all, find your purpose, and go after your dreams, I promise you won't be sorry, for your efforts will all pay off in the big scheme of things.

Remember never give up on yourself, because your success could be the very next step you take, but if you quit and don't take it, you lose, however if you dare to venture out of your comfort zone and take a chance for success, success is exactly what awaits you, so enjoy the journey, good and bad, learn as you go from any mistakes, but most of all live in the moment, remember the past, and go after the future, you deserve it. WE ALL DO.

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