The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 1/100, Season 3 - Supporting Friends

Hello Co-Creators! I am excited to be starting Season 3! Before I go into my intentions for this season, i want to go over a few things I'm grateful for based on the day I had today....

• I did a presentation at work that went OK. It was for a larger group than I've ever presented to before but I didn't psyche myself out and I think I did better than I would have a few months ago. - I am confident and come across as intelligent and focused.
• I met a friend for dinner tonight and spoke to another couple of friends who called me out of the blue, and whom I haven't spoken to in a long time. One (who I haven't spoken wiith in over a year!) was unloading a lot of her troubles. I felt really awful for her and will call her back tomorrow. The other is one I unloaded my troubles on. Then the third, who I met for dinner, usually unloads her troubles on me, and did for a bit, but I ended up unloading my troubles on her too. Sometimes I feel like I carry a huge load for other people as I am told I'm a good listener, but today it became abundantly clear that friends are there to carry each other through rough times. - I am so grateful to have friends who care about me and who show me the light when I sometimes fail to see it clearly.
• I got free lunch today at my work meetings and my dinner took me to am free dinner! - I am grateful for free stuff!!

My Intentions for Season 3
In order to stay super-focused, I'm going to keep it to only a handful of intentions this season:

1) Stay committed to the gym and healthy, low-fat eating - as a result I will have a slender and attractive body
2) Make leaps and bounds progress towards my business - as a result I will be an entrepreneur
3) Be financailly conscious and save money - as a result I will be more financially secure
4) Stop being so angry and establish and maintain a positive mindset - as a result I will have better relationships with those I care most about

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Comment by Zara on October 2, 2008 at 5:24am
Hi PJ, sounds like you had a great day 1! Its nice to have friends to talk to about our troubles, it makes you feel a lot better to get things off your chest.
I love your intentions, I wanted to focus on a few but but I had too many things I wanted to work on!

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