The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Had a good first day on the job. I don't remember if I've mentioned what it is I'll be doing. I'll be driving the poor and underprivileged to their appointments, jobs, school, etc. I'm good with people so this job really suits me.
I can just feel the power of the universe working in my favor. Even though it'll be about three weeks before I get a full two week paycheck, just today my daughter and I went to a Sprint store to look at phones and I didn't flinch when she picked up a phone that would cost us about $120 after our $150 instant savings. In the past her choice would have been between two or three phones that were free with the $150 coupon, but today I didn't feel that money stress that I'm so used to feeling in similar situations. I just smiled and knew that if she wanted that phone, it was hers.

I haven't been doing any exercising in the last couple of days, so I need to get back into that.

I'm still looking for more pics for my vision board. I have pictures on it right now, but I want more but haven't found the right ones that would represent more of my goals and intentions.

One of my intentions that I'm getting ready to add to my profile is to take my family to Disney World next spring. The only time we ever went was when my daughters were very little. And the only reason we haven't been back is the money. That has been a common theme for us the last few years. No more. This first job is just the beginning.
I'm open to receive all the abundance the universe has to offer me.

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