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Challenged Already!! - Aloha Spirit Connection Launched!!

OK only three days in and it seems that time is already slipping away... no time to do the promised vid... some of that due to the fact that I am vain and want to look just so and to edit the vid so that it looks just so and that takes time.. ironic hmmm!!
I have a SERVAS visitor starting on Monday and staying til Thursday so that will be interesting.. I am excited to meet her and torn between wanting to get all my projects rolling and kept on track and visiting and doing the cultural exchange thing!!! funny how when you think you are going to have so much time and you open to new experiences and then nothing is happening for a time then it all happens at once!!!
That is my experience this week... many things that were started long ago all happening at once...
but one bit of good news
The website Aloha Spirit Connection has been lunched!!!.
There is still much tweaking and adding to be done but it is no live on the world wide WEB..
Tale a look if you like
the URL is
so I guess all is not lost...
Have a great weekend

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Comment by Alaia on October 7, 2008 at 1:22pm
the web site address is
Comment by Laurie on October 4, 2008 at 1:01pm
Hi Alaia,
Congrats on completeing your intention/goal of finisihing your website. I just tried to access your website and could not find it. What is the URL? I look forward to seeing it. Keep up the great work. And just remember as long as you do your best today that is all you can expect. And todays best will not be the same as yesterdays or tomorrows. So thank you for being you.



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