The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 4 - after a non-existent Day 3

So let me ask this question.....if a day comes and goes and I haven't even OPENED my book, or this website, blogged, journaled, get the I have to count that day? In other words, my Day 3 yesterday simply didn't happen. In other words, do the days have to actually happen consecutively? Ha ha...just writing this question points out how anal I can be. :)

I worked in my journal today, writing mostly about how angry I am at my husband. Wondering if the "for better or worse" was originally meant as a masochistic joke somewhere along the lines. Ha ha! Being married and angry makes being single seem SOOOOO appealing! As someone who loves Abraham-Hicks, I tried writing down some of his good qualities to help shift the focus and raise my vibration. There are quite a few actually, so that helped to dissolve my anger a bit. I also had the distraction of my daughter's soccer game, which was awesome - she scored two of the four goals.

So it's the end of the day now and I'm actually quite grateful that the universe has lined it up for me that he is not home and I can work on my blogging. I've got happy little spongebob playing on the TV in the background as I type. He's good for a laugh. I made $20 taking the recycling in, which is part of the $10,000 I intend to create over the next 100 days. Who hoo...only $9,980 more to go! I'd better create a ledger for myself so I can keep track of the abundance of money that I know is making its way to me as I type.

Ooh. My heart just skipped a beat.

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