The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well, we're in a new month, and I've officially entered Phase Two of my 100 Day Challenge, although I didn't really complete Phase One. The only room completed in my house-clearing intent is the bedroom, although that has been HUGE. I have found serenity in there and since my altar is in the corner, I've cleaned up the energy of the room as well.

So.. being addicted to success or at least the path to success, I re-joined the 45 Day Challenge for a new season which began October 1st. The energy there is contagious and wonderful. I have made many friends-for-life. Part of my challenge there (same as my Phase Two here -- developing a couple websites, working on a web presence for business and doing 30Day Challenge stuff) is learning Spanish and I met a woman who runs a language school. I was able to get a free Rosetta Stone course in Latin American Spanish. I have spent four hours with it already and because it is immersion based, the way we as children learn languages, I find I have absorbed and understood a lot more than ever I did with my tapes and textbooks. I'd love to learn more languages, but I gotta start with one. And I'm lovin' it. Es fantastico.

There is much to tell but honestly I am wiped out! And taking a bit of a technology break this weekend, so this is my first check-in today. May go for a hike tomorrow. The leaves are changing. This week in years past was peak if I remember correctly, but many of our trees still have their green on. We've got some yellows as of late last week, a few oranges and only a rare red or two. When those pop it will be gorgeous. It was a beautiful day today -- sunny and bright, although the sky had those clouds here and there that reminds you it's fall, it was a bit windy but warm. There's a crispness to everything. Early evening I went out and saw the waxing crescent moon in all its glory. There was a thin horizontal line of cloud just below the moon and it was so picturesque, but I had left my camera at home uploading today's leaf pictures. So I just enjoyed the gorgeous moon.

Night, all!

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