The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I thought the pace of life would change as I joined this my first Challenge, but I had no idea how much! Not physically (yet) but mentally and emotionally.I'm somewhat daunted by posting a video and have had a convenient excuse for the last few days which is that I have had laryngitis, (nasty cough, bad cold, etc) but my voice is starting to return to its normal pitch instead of Basso Profundo or simply Not There, so the time is fast approaching. Writing however I can do, so here I am ....

I wanted first to thank every one who has posted a vlog and welcomed me. Its been hugely helpful in getting a feel of the variety and richness of these who are challenging themselves and of course, how much we share as a group.

I know other people are like me, with a head teaming with ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Head and heart. Its been very instructive to try and observe myself as I embark on the whole exercise. Last night at 01:30 am I was ripping out pages from magazines with words and pictures in them that i might use on my visionboard. Too many, I thought; too many - will never fit on even a peice of flip chart paper. And I'm already LATE, as in its not scanned or shown on my page....and then I thought, hang on a minute. If I wanted to, I can do a vision board for *each* area that I have cut so many pictures out for (like ART and JOB and MONEY and HOUSE and ..) AND, why does it have to be done, complete, on day 1 - what's with this self imposed rule? So today I found more mags to cut things out of but the anxiety about getting it done immediately and being wrong if it wasn't, has gone out of the equation.

The thought of having to write in a journal has me feeling quite on edge. This too makes me wonder. Man,what am I trying to hide from myself or protect myself from? Well, much to ponder...

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