The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi everyone,
Feeling just rather blank today and over the weekend. Didn't even drop in here.
Had my 13 year old niece for the weekend though. Got her haircut and she looks terrific!
Meeting with my fantastic friend tonight, for our usual Monday night out. It keeps me grounded.
I am trying to figure out how to make a slide show on this site...haven't yet, but got some of my pic's on my page after all. Feeling low on energy and drive currently but just going with the flow. Getting my work done happily, peacefully and quietly. Concentrating on being present as I read someone else just mention.
Soon I intend to try to do a video blog...that ought to take a while =) but I will figure it out. It can't be that hard right???
All of you are doing it!!!

Wishing everyone lots of great energy today (and me too) =)))

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