The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Okay, so really it should be Day 6, but I did NOTHING on Sunday so today is my Day 5. Yesterday I was too busy avoiding my husband and trying to stay busy so I don't chop his head off. Yes, I'm still working with my frustration and I'm not too proud to admit it. :)

Ironically, I had an urge to log into the Daily Motivator, by Ralph Marston, and today's message was this:

Don't make life's difficulties even more difficult by filling your mind with resentment. Instead, ease your burdens by choosing to be truly thankful for them. If you feel resentment starting to take hold, stop and consider this. There's nothing to be gained by bringing yourself down over what has already happened. Use the occasion to remember all the things for which you can be thankful. Rise to the challenge of seeing the positive aspects that are surely there within any troubling situation.

Holding on to resentment will drain valuable energy away from you. Gratitude, on the other hand, can fill you with fresh, new positive energy. Choose to see the value in your situation. Choose to look forward with confidence instead of looking backward with resentment. Right now, there is much for which to be thankful. Focus on the positive possibilities, and find real joy in steadily bringing them to life.

WOW!!! Thanks for the slap in the face, Ralphie. You are so right...anger and resentment are sooooo draining. I was exhausted last night, even after drinking 5 cups of chinese tea at dinner last night. So my intention today was to feel peace, love and a diminishing of anger and resentment one moment at a time. It is not my job to change other people...not the way they feel and not the way they behave. It is only my job to maintain peaceful, be loving, be accepting, BE the change you want to see. Tonight is yoga and I'm looking forward to the release of tension and angst. Oh and I'll write my gratitude list as soon as I'm done with this blog.

Today was Day One of the long awaited Curves Smart workout. I was the first person in the club to try it and I got a seriously good workout. I'm looking forward to the workouts and the results.

All in all a great day. Lunch with mom, got a couple of things crossed off the To Do list, and even have something ready to cook for dinner tonight. Thanks Universe. I know you've got my back. :)

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Comment by Kim on November 13, 2008 at 1:36pm
Thanks for your feedback, Carolyn. We all have our days, don't we? And it's OKAY!! Allow yourself to feel frustrated, but make the goal to find a little bit of relief. You don't have to solve all of your problems in a 24 hour period. Our life is not a sitcom. But reach for relief, relief, moment at a time.

Visit for the daily motivator website.

Peace, friend.

Comment by Carolyn Campbell on November 13, 2008 at 1:31pm
Wow ... don't take this the wrong way! lol ...but omgosh ... it's wonderful to see so many wonderful people who are experiencing what I have been! Wow .. so good to know I'm really not alone and that I'm really just human ! lol ... I am wondering Kim where one finds The Daily Motivator! ... I've had a really frustrating experience this morning which has left with I am sure high blood pressure and I am trying to just let it go! seeing as it's sunny this morning and I don't want to have the rest of my day tarnished by one bad moment in time :)
Keep the faith Sista and wow, thanks so much for sharing your world in an honest and open way ... it really is wonderful! oxo
Comment by PJ on October 7, 2008 at 3:02am
Hi Kim - I can relate to your post so well - I've been dealing with a lot of frustration and hurt lately that has translated to innter turmoil and outbursts of anger, and I've been miserable as a result. I finally fell sick (I really believe its a result of the negative energy I've been hoarding) and I feel a sense of releasing it and relief now. Thank-you for reinforcing it with your wise words. PJ

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