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Many have asked about the recent events in the financial markets and I would like to give my LOA perspective.

Everything that comes to us is a direct result of LOA at work. Everything!! Everything that happens is an indicator for us of our connection or not, as an individual or as a group to our Soul, Higher Self, Inner-Being or whatever you want to call the Eternal part of who we really are. This current situation is no different. LOA always manifests to us things, relationships, situations and so forth that are an exact match to our overall vibration.

Here is how I am maintaining my alignment during an interesting time:

First, I allowed myself to be upset, angry or fearful about the situation. It is easy to want to blame people and groups for what happened, but that serves no one and the truth is there really is no one to blame. If you really pay attention to how you feel, you would not and will not be impacted by an event, except in a positive way.

So, I took the “hit” and it felt bad for myself and others that have felt a lot of contrast because of this. But, now, I am focusing on what desires this contrast has launched in me and others and giving my undivided attention to these desires. And reaching for much better feeling thoughts as often as possible. I saw a news story the other day about people who have downsized and are enjoying life so much more because they aren’t working multiple jobs to make ends meet and have time to do the things they enjoy doing like traveling and gardening. There is always a way to tell a different story and this is a must!!!

Whatever comes into my experience, I say ” I created this” and allow myself to experience the feeling associated with it. If it is a good feeling, I do nothing to change my thinking. But, if it is an uncomfortable feeling, then I pay more attention to what I am thinking and reach for better feeling thoughts. I accept responsibility for everything that happens to me and that is a powerful place to be.

It’s not about the greedy Wall Street bankers or Washington or any other group. It is about me and my vibration period! Greed is a fear of shortage in The Universe and if that is the feeling you get from this situation, then it is a great opportunity to look at where else in your life that you feel this way and then reach for better feeling thoughts on those subjects.

Some will say that I am just in denial for not focusing on what is going on. But I know if I tell the same story, then I am just adding fuel to the negativity and fear that was the original cause in the first place of the current environment. Again as Abraham says and this cannot be said enough…You Have To Tell A Different Story!!!!!

So blame no one and use this as a wonderful opportunity to pay attention to the way you feel and reach for those expanded desires that you have launched because of this situation.

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