The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 1-Day 18-Tons of cash! So today is a cozy home day!

Hello universe,
Thanks for the wonderful things that have been spinning my way. Tons of cash and job offers. So amazing! One of my goals on my vision board is related to getting out of debt and saving $333 (lucky number) dollars a month. Somehow it has just been SO easy! It seems that everytime I go to the mail I am getting a past pay check, a current pay check, a birthday money gift or a job offer. Also I have a current "no spending on credit" policy, and the cash I have has been going really far. :) I feel extremely relaxed about money. It is as if money is just making itself (READ: I am doing jobs--but they are so fun that they don't feel like work). In my town we have a crazy good thrift store where you can buy clothes, shoes and household items by the pound (lb)!! I am having SO MUCH fun. I go with two dollars in my pocket and I wind up with like 4-5 items.

I am also training for a 5K and really learning how to swim...I did 3 triathlons using a hybrid dog paddle. Swimming the "correct" way sure saves on energy!


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Comment by CreativeConqueror on October 7, 2008 at 3:10pm
Sounds exciting Bean

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