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Good morning!

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Today's a beautiful bright sunny day here in Australia and I'm ready to get a heap of stuff done. I'm going to google for some step-by-step audio meditation guides and go through one or two of those (anyone have any recommendations?). I'm really excited about journalling another page in my 'art' journal - where I just draw, write, scribble, paste things in, scrapbook, do anything that takes my fancy basically. I've been really slack with my journalling, but I love it so much - I don't know why I've been slack!

I'm up to reading Genesis 38 this morning. And today I'm going to be very responsive to my body's needs - drinking when thirsty, eating when hungry, stopping when I'm full, resting when I'm tired, doing something when I'm restless etc.

Here's my huge list - basically things I'm going to get done in my bedroom at some stage, because when my bedroom is cleaned up I'm allowing myself to rearrange all the furniture in my room which will be spectacular. Not sure how much I'll get done today - let's see!

The Huge List
To do:

Clean my bedroom windows (both inside and out)
Tidy clutter from computer desk
Remove clutter from little white desk
Reorganise craft area
Vacuum craft area and bedroom
Dust all surfaces in bedroom
Put superfluous pillows and doonas away
Get rid of childhood toys
Rummage through those shoeboxes and throw some things out
Rummage through old Christmas boxes
Tidy wrapping paper and plastic baggage under desk
Get rid of all those little cluttery ornaments
Clear surface of desk in my room
Wipe down window sills and pelmets
Clean out that drawer of old notebooks
Neaten up junk on and under bedside table
Find a place to store bags (in a spare drawer perhaps?)
Get rid of junk on those 2 shelves
Move those 2 shelves out of my room
Clean things out from under my bed
Organise magazines and old calendars for collage
Find a place for books I own and love - Harry Potter, Narnia, Poetry, PostSecret etc
Get a space for yoga or something
Get a working water feature in my room
Make my bed
Put away all my clothes
Reorganise my wardrobe
Pick fresh flowers
Pack up old school books into boxes

Yayy, look at all of those things I've already crossed off my list! What things are you up to today?

Are there any more teenagers out there doing this challenge? I feel like I'm the only 17 year old surrounded by lots of older (yet nevertheless brilliant) people! Maybe there should be a group for teenagers. What do you think?

Love love.

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Comment by CreativeConqueror on October 7, 2008 at 9:41pm
Gorgeous photo, thanks for sharing!


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