The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My friend arrived from SERVAS and it turns out she is camera shy so you will not get to meet her. I has been facinating being a host for a Peace Ambassador ... This was a role reversal for me because I had only been a traveller before. I found myself wanting to make sure that everything flowed smoothly for her and sometimes being overly helpful.
Playing tourist was fun and hearing about her country and her work was an enlightening experience.
It was interesting though that rather than pick her stay based on interest I think she based on location so our conversations and sharings were very divergent. We had little common ground... She was a chemist and I am a coach, a metaphysician and a facilitator for esoteric ideas so conversation was a bit odd??!
All in all it was a fun visit.
Back on track for the rest of the week..
Adding gratitude list to my practices

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