The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 1 Day 12: Expectations and Book Recommendation

Hello co-creators:
Today is day 12 of my challenge, and I had a good day today. I was going to do a video, but decided not to. I went out shopping again today to buy a blazer for my expectant interview since I did not get one yesterday, and I finally found one that I really like.
In terms of the interview, I haven't heard from the organization yet, but I am remaining optimistic. I have also been patiently waiting to hear from the school I applied to for grad school. Everyday I go to the mailbox excited and expecting to see a big, thick envelope from them!
Now my book recommendation. A few years ago I was watching Oprah and she was talking about a book that I believe was for her book club. It was called The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. The book helps people to discover what their purpose on this earth is. Well, I got the book, but I could never finish it for some reason. However, for my challenge I plan on commiting myself to starting and completing the book. This book is also especially good to read during this challenge because not only is it uplifting and inspirational, but the readings are broken down into days just like this challenge. But I must add that this book is bible based. I'm mentioning this because I know that not everyone is Christian. But if you are Christian, or are just looking for a great, motivational book to help you through your 100 Days, this book is very helpful.
Tomorrow if I do a video, I will show you the book so you can see what it looks like.
Good night everyone, and happy manifesting!

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