The 100 Day Reality Challenge

..well, what can I say. I started a week ago, and published my intentions. The world has gone crazy, but in a good way.

One of the most far-fetched intentions was about paying off half my credit card balance. Its a good sized amount, and least any one think I am totally out of control financially, part of it is the result of some quite large loans which i have made to people who either asked me or who are in difficulties and its a kind of safety net for a while until their situation gets sorted out. Which isn't to say that in fact I should have lent this money, or shouldn't have; but I did and here is where I am. (Faced with the same decisions today I think I would respond in the same way as I had then.)
Today I was visiting with one of these people and they spontaneously told me that they could pay me all of the money back in its entirety. I was totally stunned. We weren't talking about money or anything like it, and they just came out with this statement. But this person seemed very comfortable emotionally about it all, not under duress or anything, and in a friendly way arranged how they would get the money back into my account. And I felt really comfortable and relaxed also about letting this happen.

I have to tell you that this debt is about 5 years old and I had I had no anticipation in getting back for say another 5 years, if then - maybe even longer. But I found it totally striking that within 1 week of posting an intention, ka-pow, two thirds of the amount that I thought would take me many months of scrimping and saving to write down, and to be honest certainly longer than 100 days, is wiped out in one fell swoop and the person doing it looks and feels very happy to do it. I've been listening to some of the Abraham CD's while driving in the car this week - do you think I will continue to do that? I think so!!!

I can still hardly believe it! But it feels so good to have both the debt down, and the manner in which it was done, open and friendly and relaxed all around. That was as much fun as getting the money back.

So do you knw what I am going to do? I am going to give myself another "stretch" target for the ther half of the balance, and let the universe marinate on that too.

So funny! It makes me laugh to picture my own face and look of surprise :-))). Just amazing, and I am very grateful.

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Comment by Minnehaha on October 22, 2008 at 6:48pm
well yes - listening to the CDs but as you might guess, ai am on the motor way (M3, one of those M things, Sabine!! heehee...). In town, yes i have to turn it off of i am down some A road and no, do not know where i am...

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