The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 1 Day 14: Releasing the Clutter & Having a Good Day

Hello co-creators:
I hope that this day meets everyone in good spirits! I'm having a great day today. Earlier I cleaned and rearranged my entire bedroom, getting rid of old papers that I no longer needed. I never knew I had so many unnecessary papers in my room! But while cleaning and getting rid of the clutter, I found something that I wrote about 8 or 9 years ago for a social studies class. It was an interview of my grandmother and her experiences immigrating from Trinidad to the United States. I really enjoyed reading it after so many years. I can see why I kept it! It was so in depth and interesting, and provided information that I would probably not have ever know if I did not interview her. So I discovered a long forgotten about treasure!
Tomorrow I am planning on beginning to read The Purpose Driven Life. I will update you on how that is going.
Goodnight co-creators, and happy manifesting! Believe and know that you are supported!

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Comment by Latonya on October 11, 2008 at 2:00am
That great! I wish when I spoke to my grandmother about family she would have told me about them. Now, I am lost about her side of the family. That truly is a blessing to find that interview. Cherish it, put it in a frame or photoalbum. Place it somewhere that years from now your granchildren can read it and know their history. :-)

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