The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello world!

Here I am at last! I have been looking for such groups and now I feel right at home.

My intention for my 100 days is to finish the course that I am working on and submit it to my students.

I have helped lots of people in the past with free courses about Reiki Healing and so forth but have never put togther a professional course or anything like this before so I am kind of nervous.

*I am TOTALLY out of my comfort zone!*

I gave up the job that I hated that was breaking my back unloading trucks for *mart and am back working part time from home again! I know it is going to be tight so I have pre-warned everyone that we may be stuck eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a while!

My daughter is delighted to have me back at home but I am having a little problem with establishing a work space of my own at my desk and a set work time since she wants to devote every moment to play time (she is only 7) I have to stay up late past her bedtime and get up early to keep up with her and it is really tiring me out!

Getting a bit nervous and feeling like I am out on a wing and a prayer. Need to focus on the plan and stick with it.

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Comment by Nikola on October 12, 2008 at 8:22am

How brave of U !!!!

Just follow your Bliss and you will be inspired, and inspired action is never tiring !
I notice at times when I was in the Flow, tending to my vibration, reaching 4 better feeling thoughts etc.
I only needed a couple hours sleep at night, and I woke up with lots of energy.

So I know You'll do just fine, just tend 2 your vibration and TRUST in the divine

I wish You Love beyond all understanding - Nikola


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