The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Days 20/100, Season 3 - Invisible

Hi Friends! My computer froze last night, so I'm posting this blog for yesterday.

Yesterday seems kind of blurry to me. I struggled to get up in the morning, and when I did, I made it to the gym. My step workout wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, considering I hadn't been for 3 weeks! I am going to try to go every day this week if I can to make up for not going for those 3 weeks.

Work was pretty slow for me. Other people are on projects that are stressing them out but I'm not. I've worked really hard on important projects before and received little to no recognition for them so I'm trying to remind myself its a good thing that I'm not involved in these projects.

I managed to lower my cable bill a little by phoning to ask to be put on a promo. With the economy the way it is, I feel that companies will need to offer competitive rates so their customers don't leave them. I am going to attempt the same thing with my cell phone bill.

After work, I did some grocery shopping and headed home. I wanted to book a hair appointment but I got a message telling me the phone number was not correct when I tried to dial my salon. I drove by last night and they were closed. I wonder if they are shutting down - but hope not!

The rest of the evening was spent on dinner, TV and browsing the Internet. I looked at some contemporary paintings online as I haven't painted in a while and need some inspiration. I also browsed for some good prices in carry-on luggage for my weekend trip to LA (I needed to purchase this anyway at some point) and a narrow shelving unit for my tiny laundry room to get more organized.

I also did some more laundry - now all my laundry is done and I just have a few clothes to put away! I love feeling orgnized. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction and makes me feel in control of my life.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I ordered a whole bunch of clothes online over the weekend. I found some coupon codes and free gift codes when I ordered them, so I saved a bit of money, but I still spent a lot. I may return some if I don't like the way they fit, once I get them. I know I should have been more careful with money, especially given the market volatility, but I did it and I know I will get every penny I spent back to me somehow. I have more money than I can spend and the Universe makes sure of it.

I went to bed last night confident in the fact that something great is on its way for me. I feel like the worst is over - I had been going through a real funk the last few months. Now I feel refreshed and ready for all the positivity that I have inside of me to burst through and impact each area of my life!

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Comment by Zara on October 21, 2008 at 5:30pm
Hi PJ, that is great how your going to your step class everyday to make up the 3 weeks you missed. I have a lot to make up for too. That is also great how you lowered your cable bill, I think I'm going to try that too.
Its good that you treated yourself to some new clothes that is what I have wanted to do for a while and I look forward to when I can.
That is great how you feel the worst is over, I'm feeling that way too:)

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