The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 30 series 3 An Interesting lecture

Last night I went to Alumni event, a lecture on Happiness. They were measuring the level of happiness across Australia over a period of 18 years, every year over 2000 people (different people each year). What they found is that people have a set point of happiness of around 75. It varies very little over the years, only about 3%, regardless of what has happened in that year. They also looked at different income levels. It seems that once you hit a family income of 80-100k, in Australia, the level of happiness doesnt increase that much more. They found that people with children were happiest provided that they have the income level to support that. They found that carers of people with disabilities have the least amount of happiness.
Interesting. We then had a discussion after the lecture about why carers have the least happiness. I pointed out, that when you have to deal with organisations who are there to support you and your family member with special needs,you are given huge amounts of sympathy. When you are told often enough how shit your life must be, you start believing it. Also, the uncertainty of future accommodation for disabled people is a worry to most parents of special needs people. I proposed that he look into the wya that organisations support families. They should be empowering them, not giving them sympathy. They should be helping the families to realise what that they can do, not telling them all the things they cant do. You shouldnt have to say that you arent coping to get services such as respite, it should be given.
I cut all support organisations out of our lives. I found that every time I had dealings with them, I was feeling so much worse about our situation.....because they kept telling me,....gee your life must be hard. Its not hard. Its challenging, its growing and its happy....thats what counts isnt it.

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