The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Days 21/100, Season 3 - Pacing myself

Hello Friends! Today flew by again, but I didn't feel rushed or pressuered at all during the day.

I woke up early (thanks to the construction outside my window) and headed to work, which was pretty slow again today. On the way in, I couldn't help but be aware of the beautiful fall colors lining the streets. I love observing the change of color in the trees this time of year. I really look forward to my drive to visit my family as I will pass some beautiful picturesque scenes and colors on the way.

I left work early to see my doctor to get a prescription filled, but also managed to squeeze in a half hour of running in the gym before seeing my doctor. I think I pulled a muscle on my left leg, but I've rubbed some muscle soother on it so hopefully I'll be all better in time for my step class tomorrow morning!

After that, I went to see if I could get a good price on a carry-on bag for my upcoming weekend trip. The second store I went to had what I was looking for for only $18 (about $20 with taxes). When I went to pay, I was told that I could get $15 off my purchase by signing up for their store credit card. I did so and ended up with the bag I wanted for a mere $5! I knew I was going to find a great deal for this bag and I did! I love the constant proof the Universe provides to me!

"He" came over for dinner tonight after work. I like cooking when its for more than just me, so it was nice to make dinner for both of us. We don't eat in often since I don't like cooking at his place (he doesn't have the utensils and things) and we end up just going out for convenience. We talked about it and decided we'll have a standing dinner in at least once a week, which I thnk will be fun and relaxing. We watched TV after dinner and he left around midnight.

I'm pretty tired now, so I'm heading off to bed...I look forward to what tomorrow will bring me. I'm so excited for what's in store for me!

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Comment by Zara on October 22, 2008 at 11:48am
Hi PJ, I wanted to do a step class after reading about it in your blog but this mornings class was canceled. I have never been to a gym on my own before but I plan to go for it and start doing things that I wouldn't normally do! I hope your leg feels better so you can do your step class tomorrow:)

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