The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Days 22/100, Season 3 - Getting organized

Hello Co-Creators!

I had a hard time waking up this morning and was late to the gym so didn't get in a lot of weights before my step class. I had a pretty good workout regardless and felt great after. My leg didn't bother me too much and feels much better now. I'm really grateful to have such a great gym and get membership at a good price, thanks to my company benefits plan. I will feel slim and healthy in no time!

Today was slow at work but I kept finding little things to keep me busy. I thought I made a pretty important discovery that could impact our business positively and summarized it for some colleagues. I'm not sure if I will get any recognition for it but I hope I do!

After work, I came home and was pretty hungry so I ate a healthy dinner right away. My friend who works nearby then met me for her dinner, and I nibbled on some sushi she ordered there too. Luckily I had a really healthy lunch to so I don't feel so guilty since everything I ate today was low-fat and healthy.

I relaxed in front of the TV for the remainder of the night and summarized my reward points. I collect so many different rewards for airlines, hotels, credit cards, etc. that I wanted to know how much I had, what it was worth and when they expired. A couple of them have already expired and are pretty expensive to reinstate. One might be worth it but I have a little bit of time to decide. I also discovered my United miles were going to expire in Novemnber so I redeemed them for $400 worth of gift certificates for restaurants in the Seattle area! This will give me a great opportunity to revisit a couple of my favorite haunts and try a bunch of new places around here that I otherwise wouldn't. I am so grateful for the $400 of gift certificates I redeemed today!

I look forward to the surprises and manifestations that await for me tomorrow!

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Comment by Lena on October 23, 2008 at 5:03am
Hey PJ :)
First, thank you for your comment on my page! And I will be back to blogging on here today:)

It's always so lovely to see your posts on here, your such a great role model and I admire how you keep yourself centered, whilst always knowing that only wonderful surprises wait for you!
I'm so happy to see you doing so well on the challenge PJ :)

Much love

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