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I am so blessed by this group and so grateful that I found it last year. It's been an amazing part of my life for 1 1/2 years now. I've taken a deeper look at what is going on in my life and there is so much magic happening. Sometimes you have to look below the surface, beyond the circumstances. Look past having a cold, past needing tons of home repairs, past the economic crisis, past health issues and family problems. Beneath the surface is so much to be grateful for.

I keep a Gratitude Journal as part of my practices, but I have decided to start a tradition in my home which will make Thursday the day to focus on Gratitude all day. I am teaching my son about being Thankful for things, not just save it up for Thanksgiving Day. I mean, setting aside one day a year hardly seems enough for a practice which is so powerful!!

I just watched a video on Oprah's Soul Series with Sarah Ban Breathnach where they discuss Gratitude. I was looking for something to watch while lying in bed (did I mention I have a cold?) and found this. Felt like I was led to watch it, considering my theme for the day!

Watch it if you are interested, it was really helpful to help me focus my gratitude again (and I just love her books anyway).

I love that she says writing it down "Makes it Real." I believe that, totally!!!

My son is starting to write little books, so I have decided to get him a Gratitude Journal for his 6th birthday in about 9 weeks. I intend to find him just the right one which will inspire him to write in it. And a cool pen or two!

My current gratitude journal is a red, leatherbound book that I got out of the garbage bin at our last house when we moved into it. A few pages had been used already but I tore them out and began to use it for myself. The book just showed up and told me to get writing. I've neglected it for a few weeks, but will start using it again tonight.

Today I am soooooo grateful for:

1. The 100 Day Reality Challenge. This group has changed my life. Totally.

2. Oprah. She is my hero, someone I've looked to since I was 15 years old for wisdom. I've never been let down (even if I don't always agree with her or her guests).

3. My new cat, Fergus. My brother broke up with his girlfriend and their cat needed a new home. He is here right now, our new little orange and white friend. He is gentle, cute, and has the softest fur (why I called him "FUR-gus").

4. My great new shoes. I don't buy lots of shoes, I'm pretty picky about them. I sent for these from a catalog, which is risky, I know, but my instinct told me they'd be right for me, and they are!! Just wanted some cute, black flat shoes with rubber bottoms and straps for fall/winter. Love them!!

5. That I am getting to spend time with my brother and connect with him after all of these years we've been disconnected.

Think that's enough, got to go write them down in my book, see my words flow onto the paper, make some more magic!!

Blessings, Clarissa

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Comment by Zara on October 24, 2008 at 4:46pm
Hi Clarissa, what a wonderful post! Thanks for the reminder to be grateful, sometimes I forget and I have so much to be grateful for. I also have a gratiude journal which I also forget to write in but I will tonight! I think thats a great idea how your going to get your son one:)


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