The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 28 Season 1 - Gratitude and reaching milestones.....

I am so happy that I am working away easily and moving toward my goal of being debt free!!! I feel debt free already and the weight is no longer on my shoulders. I feel creatively inspired, energetic and most importantly I am in a state of drawing everything I need to me.

I am reaching a milestone this week and that is my precious Avalon is turning 2 years old. What a journey I have had with her already since she has been conceived.She is a very, very special Indigo child and I will take care of her from a place of strength and positivity. She has her angels around her all the time...

I am over 1/4 of the way through the challenge, but to me I am not really counting because it is 25 days into my new life and many more 100 day challenges.

I am looking at my goals and intentions again and reworking them as I go and as I get more in tune with my centre.

Thankyou Universe for me meeting the key man I have met recently that are going to help me on my journey. I will work with him and listen to his suggestions carefully. Thankyou also for giving me other opportunities and help me
move closer to those that are going to move me closer to my goal`s `of freedom, infinite abundance and creativity....
and to serve others

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