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Free-dom, Finances, the Fairer-sex...

I'm on the letter F today... I feel free, free, free! I am lightening up the load in my head, my thoughts are becoming much less important, I'm judging myself and others less, and relaxing about the "shoulds" in life. So I'm more FREE to be used by the Universe!
(check out the webcast of A New Earth for more on this).

I'm also free in the sense that I am not asking for anything in return (no money down, no interest, no credit check will be done!), just free to be myself, love and be loved. I am feeling free of obligations, which is what happens when someone gives you something free--they expect no payment, just perhaps a Thank You (gratitude rocks!).

This also includes Financial Freedom! I have finally taken control of my spending habits, (only took 39 years!). I had no clue about financial matters growing up so I basically played a type of Russian Roulette with my accounts until I met my husband. I married a smart, semi-frugal man who tried to give me lessons in finances, but I was always hesitant to really face the facts and figures. I did my best, thinking I was clever, shopping at sales, looking for bargains, etc., but I always ended up spending more than I intended. I just felt like money was something I wasn't good at and I was a bit ashamed of it to tell you the truth...

Well, things escaleated and my dear husband ended up feeling like I didn't care about our finances, so I recently set the intention to PROVE to him that I did. AND...Last month I got within 29 cents of our projected budget!!!! I have found a system that allows me to keep track of my family's expenditures and which gives me a huge boost in confidence every time I use it. I will make a video about how I am doing this, but I really wanted to shout out to the Universe about how proud I am now and how I no longer FEAR my finances! Now I finally feel that I am in control of money, not the other way around. Yippee!!!!!!!!

As a member of the Fairer Sex, I now feel free to say that I support Hillary Clinton for President. I am so intensely proud that I have the chance to vote for a sincere, strong, smart woman who I know can lead this country forward. In a spiritual sense I feel that we need a shift towards female leadership of the world. There is nothing wrong with male leadership, but where is the balance in the world, folks? I am not voting for her because I am a woman, but I cannot help but be all the more excited about her because I am! She has made me care about politics, and I've never really felt like this before. Ladies, take a good look at this woman, listen to her heart, ask yourself if this is finally the chance to put your trust in our Fair Sex. It just might be time. :-)

(I stole this from, I wish I could have said it as eloquently as this guy!):

"Take away the propaganda and you have a real human being, yes, believe it or not, Hillary Clinton is human. Like you, Clinton has feelings and she does care about people. Like you and any other American, she’d love to ’save the world’, not destroy it.

Her methods may differ, her policy beliefs might not agree with your own, but that is no reason to close your ears and eyes to all things Hillary. I admire Hillary Clinton for thinking about the poor, the middle class and how Americans might solve real life problems. What we do know is that Hillary Clinton isn’t focusing all of her energy terrorizing American citizens and exploiting troops, God, and country to carry out a political agenda...What I see in Hillary Clinton is a true leader, a strong woman, a progressive Democrat if not a social conservative. I see an independent thinker, a woman not afraid to go against the fray."

(I just LOVE this photo of Bill and Hillary, what a lovely pair of Happy Hairy Hippies!!)

Keep reaching for the thoughts that feel better...

Clarissa xxx

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Comment by Tracey on March 6, 2008 at 11:11pm
Me too - can't wait to see that video! I need help with making a budget and sticking to it!
Comment by Zara on March 6, 2008 at 7:44pm
Hi Charissa, I'm looking forward to your video about the system that keeps you on track with your finances. Thats my biggest problem!


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