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Habits, Health, and Happy Little Moments

Habits are strange, I am noticing them more and more as I become more present in my life. So now I am intending to rid myself of a bad habit that I've had since I was in high school. Its not anything weird, but I don't want to mention it because it is just a tiny bit embarassing. It is a nervous habit, that's all, but it is something I am intending to be more aware of so I can stop doing it. It's the kind of habit like biting nails, which is a nervous thing. But it's not that. But like that. Sort of. :-)

Health is a spring-time subject if there every was one. How can we not think of our health and wellness this time of year? New growth, new life, sunshine, blossoms, baby animals, fresh air, la-la-la--you get the idea! Well, I am more aware of my eating habits lately, for one, and have not only cut out the gluten but dairy and caffeine, and sugar is next. BUT, this is not an easy task! I am setting the sugar intention as it is one Habit that is NOT helping my Health.

Having to slooooooooow down is getting to be a theme with me. My last blog had a bit about being made to slow down and finding the gratitude in it. Sometimes I think that the only time we stop and smell the roses is when we have to. Like when we are sick and someone brings you flowers! I've got a cold this week and I feel a bit down about it, but am making the most of it. I did get a lovely bunch of purple tulips from my husband though, made me smile and I smell them every time I go in the kitchen (well, as much as I can smell with a stuffy nose). But why is it that we slow down only when we are made to??? And usually what slows or stops us is something unpleasant. My new goal is to slow down for the GOOD things in life, and today was a good start on that path.

First, my son was running a bit late for preschool. Our internal clock still thinks it's an hour earlier than it is! At the last minute he asked if he could stay for the lunch session so I agreed and then quickly made his lunch. Normally this would annoy me and I'd get grumpy because we'd be even later. But today it didn't bother me. I chose to be in a good mood and just "let things be." On the way there I wasn't rushing the drive, and it's a good thing because some ducks were crossing the road near the preschool (it's near a lake). I was able to stop in plenty of time for them, and we got to watch their cute little duck-butts waddling safely across the road. It was a happy, sweet, spring moment. By the time I got back home the sun was shining and I took the time to do some reading and writing sitting on my front porch. It was one of those "in the moment" mornings, and it was great.

Something happened yesterday that fits my "slowing/stopping" theme, too. I was stopped at an intersection near to my house yesterday morning, as there were several police cars blocking the roads and redirecing traffic. I had gone that route intending to stop to get some gas at a particular station that was still selling theirs for under $3.50(!). Well, I couldn't get in that lane to get there because there had been a car accident. But instead of feeling annoyed I took a deep breath, felt grateful that I was safe, then offered some prayers for those who had been involved. It turns out that one of the cars was driven by a friend of mine. I found this out today when she e-mailed about it. She is doing fine and it seems that during and after the accident she was taken care of by angels. I am so glad...

I think that praying for "strangers" who have been in accidents is one Habit that I will continue. :-)

Keep reaching for the thoughts that feel better!

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Comment by Shirah Penn on June 8, 2008 at 9:11pm
I love your flowers and your gardening! that is so healing. I am not sure what embarrassing habit you might have. I thought I was OCD because I used to pick at my scalp. Seems like I am not doing that so much anymore. Even my grandchildren were beginning to head pickers for a while. Love Gramma Shirah
Comment by crystalspirit on March 14, 2008 at 8:49am
Beautiful blog, Claris! Can relate to the slowing down a lot.. doing one thing at a time still takes a lot of effort to maintain lol Embracing the good things of life will keep us going.. !
Wonderful you've prayed for someone connected to you- you're sixth sense is working like crazy!
Love Mascha


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