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Well finally started my season 2 - timed to finish on midsummers day which has always been special for me - with every intention of continuing last seasons goals and adding a few new ones. Weightloss and fitness are an increasing priority for me. Have to remind myself I've already lost 17lbs but things stalled in Feb. I've already started a detox for the next week which is teaching me two things I kind of knew - I'm a carb addict with emotional eating habits and my will power needs sharpening! I WILL be successful however. I've every confidence I am getting stronger in every way with each passing day. I was thinking about why I wasnt as successful with some goals last time and the need to be clearer and more specific in my intentions. First on my agenda this week is a total declutter and letting go of material things - I've had a lot of stuff in storage for over two years that I dont need anymore so will throw/sell as much as I can. That's kinda symbolic too as it was the 'leftovers' of my last relationship - I kinda shut it away and not looked at it so I'm sure I'll have a few lumps in my throat as I'm reminded of old heartache but it's long over and I need to be rid of the evidence too! Looking forward to completing that. It's felt like the coldest stormiest week of the winter and I was grateful to have had the brother's dog for company and exercise this week - even if it meant getting drenched and blown about - I actually loved it! But I do dream of sun and sand so its been long enough now. I'll play my cards close to my chest on other goals - doing rather than just talking about it is more important right now. However, for those who are still interested enough to ask (very sweet of them considering), I intend to make more videos this time! ha. Lots of love, friends, hope all's well with you, I'm filled with a powerful sense of purpose today, like something big is coming, and I like the feeling.

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Comment by Spiritualjaye on June 9, 2008 at 8:15am
Hi Chris,

just wondered how the clearing out went..?? Part of my goals this season was to declutter the stuff i have boxed up everywhere and sell a rake of stuff on Ebay... it feels like i've only made a small dent and the temptation to just 'freecycle' it all is huge...

I should really sort though and send some of it on the next lorry load to Romania, as they have more need of some of it and really appreciate it....

Jaye x
Comment by Kirsten on March 20, 2008 at 9:35pm
Loved your video. Very inspiring. I know that feeling that something big is coming! It just makes me smile everyday!
Comment by freezingiceblue on March 19, 2008 at 8:36pm
Great first video of the season. Love it. Inspiring and uplifting. Have great fun achieving them. How wonderful to be finishing on Midsummers night!!
Comment by Light1 on March 15, 2008 at 9:51am
Go Chris!


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