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hi all its been a while since i've logged on as i have finally moved house and this is the first time i have been able to get internet , so not too sure which day i am on yet will find out later, i have really missed logging in as i find that blogging and just browsing this website a good way of turning dowwnstream i have to say its a relief to finally express whats going on for me , well i have moved in to a new place and i have to admit that its been a bit unsettling the place and area is fantastic but i have been experiencing a lot of nerves and anxiety and old insercurities coming back i know that i will settle down as soon as i get used to it but its a bit of a downer especially as i havent been getting much sleep and i feel like i should be happy and excited not nervous and sad i guess its old patterns and negative thoughts that are still in my vibration showing up i knew that i was experiencing some negative fearful thoughts a couple of weeks ago and didn't really make much effort to move downstream hence the manifested outcome . i really want to keep talking myself downstream even when its tough just keep comitting to the 100 day challenge and the works of abraham.
i am putting out the intention to calm down , to not buy in to old beliefs and patterns of fear and insecurity and trust that everything works out perfectley for me always.
i intend to remain positive and always work towards the feeling of relief i am wanting independence security and confidence and self esteem i am wanting to find new and improved positive ways of handeling things especially those negative thoughts that creep in ,
i just also would like to share my appreatiation for this website and the participants but also to jerry and esther and course abraham hicks whom always help me turn downstream and feel better .xxx

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