The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well, its been a busy sort of week! We painted the house in 4 days......right through, every room, floor to ceiling. I have never felt so sore all over, but at least it was great exercise. Oh and it looks terrific! Even the estate agent said what a different house it was compared to last week.
Our house is now officially on the market with people going through it every day. We are having an open day on Saturday. I am so hoping we sell it this weekend as it has been quite stressful.

Oh, and another side benefit is that the agent sees the benefit of having a local broker who they can call to get finance...who can let the client know then and there whether the banks will even look at their loan. Cool hey, as it has taken me nearly 12 months to get even close to that at this real estate agent.

Things are changing. I can feel the universe aligning to give us the things we are wanting and can feel we have already. Its an exciting time of lots of change, and lots of dreams coming to fruition.....

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